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About Hog Rings

Hog Rings are supplied in strips joined together by an adhesive tape. They are used to fasten together a wide range of materials: springs in mattresses, seats in cars, trucks, boats and planes, and a wide range of other applications including wire cages and traps, lobster pots, bag closure – the list keeps growing! There are two types of Hog Ring. Which type to use will depend on the application.

C Rings

C rings look like the letter C when they come out of the carton, when applied they close evenly and tightly around the product making a secure closure that tends to size itself to the application. Typically, C Rings are used in Automotive seating, Bagging and Wire Fencing.

D Rings

D rings have sharper angles and when closed form a triangle that tends to fit more loosely around the application. They are suited to Bedding and Upholstery applications.

To choose the best fastener for your application, check the overall outside diameter of your materials and check the tool and ring characteristics on the following tables, selecting the combination which will accommodate the diameter of the material and give you the desired closure diameter. Note that Rings have three measurements; open size, minimum closed size and maximum closed size (see picture).

If the hog ring needs to puncture the material (say on upholstery), you may need a sharp ring. Is rust a consideration? If so you may need Galvanised or stainless steel rings.