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Here you find products that are on sale because, by example, the quantity per box has changed, or there is a new model of a tool.

Anyhow, the products are offered for very competitive prices.

Take that advantage, because SOLD = SOLD

Bostitch HFP9 Hog Ring Plier Bostitch HFP9 Hog Ring Plier
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: HFP9
** ONLY 1 PIECE LEFT ** Bostitch HFP9 plier for hog rings. For bag closure, wire fencing, stringing to wire cable, crafts, etc. Uses D-type hog rings RING 09AL25with a blunt tip. Closed diameter is 11mm...
€65.00 €155.00
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: SR8DPSS-LE
** ONLY 1 BOX LEFT ** Stainless Steel C-ring with a sharp point. Note: these hog rings only fit in the old model P7 Qty: 2.500 pcs per box..
€37.00 €104.15
Manufacturer: Getra Model: HR30
** ONLY 10 BOXES LEFT ** Galvanised D-Hog Ring type HR30 for Rocagraf Machines Qty: 3.500 pcs per box..
€30.23 €50.38
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: RING09AL25
** ONLY 1 BOX LEFT ** Aluminium D-Hog Ring type RING09AL25 for Stanley-Bostitch Hog Ring Plier HFP9 Qty: 2.500 pcs per box..
€55.00 €136.64
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