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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: CPACK15
The CPACK15 by Bostitch includes 15 meter air hose with EURO connectors, PTFE tape, 10 ml tacker oil and blowgun..
€47.80 €59.29
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: CPACK30
The CPACK30 from Bostitch® includes 30 meter air hose on a reel with rotating connectors (EURO fitting)..
€91.96 €113.74
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Bostitch P7 Hog Ring Plier Bostitch P7 Hog Ring Plier
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: P7
Plier for hog rings; easy one-hand operation. Hardened steel component for extreme durability. This hog ring plier is very suitable for bird pest control, fencing, jute around root-balls (tree nursery) etcetera. Note: Not suitable for gabion walls Look at the YouTube movie for all the possi..
€51.67 €73.81
Ex Tax:€42.70
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: RINGSR15
Galvanized D-Hog Ring type SR15 with sharp point Qty: 10.000 pcs per box  ..
Ex Tax:€49.99
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: RINGSR15SS50
Stainless steel D-Ring 15G type SR15 with sharp point Qty: 2.500 pcs per box..
Ex Tax:€54.22
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Pressure regulator for compressed air - 4.0 Bar Pressure regulator for compressed air - 4.0 Bar
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: FRL.232A0240
ToolReg® G1/4 4.0 bar F/F inline pressure regulator for compressed air, 232 series. Reduces hose pressure to 4.0 bar. The pressure regulator ensures that there is always a constant pressure despite normal pressure fluctuations within a compressed air system. It is recommended to use a..
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: SC50T
The pneumatic hog ringer SC50T of the brand Bostitch offers the utmost speed and efficiency when it comes to Gabion walls installation. This robust and well-balanced C-ring tool will save you installation times by nearly 50%. Most suitable for Gabion walls and baskets..
€1,693.15 €2,418.79
Ex Tax:€1,399.30
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: SC742B-E
Pneumatic Hog Ringer SC742B-E from Stanley-Bostitch. This ringer is identical to the SC743B-E, but has a short magazine for applications in hard-to-reach areas...
€732.66 €1,046.65
Ex Tax:€605.50
SC760B-E Hog Ringer
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: SC760B-E
Pneumatic Hog Ringer SC760B-E from Stanley-Bostitch. This ringer weighs only 1,4 Kg and has a comftable rubber grip. Perfect for fencing, netting, cages, automotive seating and bag closure...
€732.66 €1,046.65
Ex Tax:€605.50
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: SC7B-E
Stanley-Bostitch pneumatic hog-ringer SC7B-E with a comfortable rubber grip. The c-ringer has a 32 mm long nose and is ideal for fences, nets, cages, car seats, mattresses and bag closures...
€700.47 €1,000.67
Ex Tax:€578.90
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: SC77XEB-E
The SC77XEB-E from Stanley-Bostitch is a pneumatic hog ringer with an extra long nose of 78 cm. The c-ringer processes C-ring staples type RING15. Ideal for mattresses, car seats, fences and so on...
€700.47 €1,000.67
Ex Tax:€578.90
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: SC7EB-E
Leight weight and well balanced tool. This version of the SC7 has a longer nose. Populaire applications: automotive seating bagging bedding caging insulation..
€700.47 €1,000.67
Ex Tax:€578.90
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